Wastage of food


Wastage of food happens at a worldwide level..
As per the Food Waste Index Report 2021, a staggering 50 kg of food is thrown away per person every year in Indian homes. This excess food waste usually ends up in landfills, creating potent greenhouse gases which have dire environmental implications.
That's why WasteLife was created, We have installed mini fridges in various localities in Delhi and New York.. If you have any leftover food or any item that you don't eat.. Submit them in those fridges.

Inside of those fridges lie diferrent labels for different categories like expires in 1 week, 1 month etc. People who have a shortage of money and can not afford to buy food will take the food from the fridges and enjoy :)

But these fridges are different from others.. This fridge will penetrate heatwaves to check movement of bacteria, if found it will send a prompt to Wastelife's headquarters and then our agent will come and collect the food, take it to WasteLife's farm where it will turned into manure using composting.
To ensure none eats the expired food-if someone touches the expired food it will play an alarm sound which will prompt-"This product is expired".

Until and unless the person stops touching it or enters a code which will deactivate the sound it will keep ringing.